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How to choose a ticket

At Startup Safary, tickets are intent based. You should choose a ticket according to what you’re looking for instead of who you are. For example, if you work at a corporation, but you’re coming to the event, because you want to start a startup – choose “Networking”. If you’re an Entrepreneur, but you’re coming because you want to invest, choose – “Corporate Innovation/ Investor”.



If you work or want to work in a startup, this is the ticket for you. You will have access to sessions at startup offices, workshops, networking events and parties. You will not have access to some events for Entrepreneurs and Investors (e.g. at investors’ offices). You can register for a limited number of sessions.


If you are a service provider, an entrepreneur or are planning to start a startup, and this is the main reason you are attending the event, you should choose this ticket. You will have access to sessions at startups, investors & accelerators. You will also have access to workshops, networking events and parties.


You will have access to sessions at startups, VCs, accelerators, you are also invited to an investor dinner and innovation workshops with a special guest. You will also have a dedicated contact person on our team, to help you navigate within the event, if you are not yet familiar with the startup scene and need more information.

How it works

Find interesting sessions in the program
Create your own agenda
Follow your agenda across the city
Show up at offices for sessions


View here the Startup Safary Budapest schedule & directory of 2016.

And stay tuned for Startup Safary 2017’s awesome workshops and events!

Partners in 2016


Reasons for volunteering

Your involvement and assistance as a volunteer will help Startup Safary Budapest become a huge success!

At the same time you will meet and mingle with the founders and team members of various start-ups, be able to attend events and sessions (that might otherwise be sold out), and work together with an amazing group of volunteers and Startup Safary members.